Parenting is a Partnership

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Parenting is a Partnership!!

I was talking to my husband the other day about how it is effective to work on both our strengths and support each other. This greatly enhances the goals we strive to achieve as a family.

Why Partnership?

I believe that each and everyone of us is unique. We have our own characteristics, our own strengths and our own values and beliefs. Therefore by combining our strengths and uniquness, we are maximising our focus and energy to achieve our goals on more solid and connected ground. We also feel more supported, as we have each other to bounce our ideas on; and when things are tough, we have each other to turn to, and THIS is what I call PARTNERSHIP!!

So now, get your pen and paper and write down your

  • Strengths
  • Your partner’s strengths

It does not have to be a whole page, just summaries/lists in bullet points. This will give you a great overview of recognising both your strengths.

For example, my strengths are: 

  •  I enjoy working with young children.
  •  I am nurturing in nature.
  • I can  empathise easily with parenting issues, as I come from a background of mixed cultures, values and beliefs, and I have been through it myself.
  •  I am also good at explaining ideas that help parents to connect with their children.

My husband’s strengths:

  • He is tougher in implementing descipline.
  •  Calmer and more collected.
  •  More assertive.
  •  Great at inspiring teenagers.

When we recognise our strenghs and combine them together, we will acheieve much more on the whole as parents; this way, we can maximise our energy to better support the family.

This is how we use our strengths

Because I enjoy working with younger children, I focused on their well being when my children were younger. I throughly enjoyed being with them when there were in preschools and primary schools. I worked closely with them, nurturing their uniqueness, values and beliefs, creating great connections and bonding with both of them. I set up opportunities for the family to bond, to connect through activities, communications and much more.

However, when they reached high school, it was a different ball game altogether. They were teenagers, therefore different boundaries had to be set, different values had to be imposed. The quality of conversation and communication had to be reviewed…the whole new level of discipline has to be rolled out, and we had to introduce them to different level of mindset, inspiration and encouragement.

This is where my husband came in. He is more calm and assertive, tougher in discipline and has the ability to inspire teenagers to be their very best. He is the straight, tough and no nonsense person…so my two children knew where they stood with him.

Benefits of Partnership

If you work as a team, you share the workload and energy, and you are supporting each other. At the same time, by working on the same goal and aiming for the same outcome, this is a fantastic opportunity to create the connection not only with your spouse, but you are also creating a well balanced, connected and harmonious family at the same time.

So now, get your pen and paper and start identifying your strengths and create the harmonious family! Work as a team; be good partners in many ways.

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