In 10 hours…

You will find clarity in…

WHO you are

WHAT you want in life

How to MANAGE your energy

The GOALS you want to achieve in your life.

  • Have a better understanding of WHO you are.
  • Be the empowered parent and person you set out to be.
  • Have a better understanding of your goals and so transform your future.
  • Become conscious of your subconscious programming, beliefs and values and how it impacts your current life.
  • Learn to consciously take action to create your future.

Where to start?

Start with the basics – Re-discover WHO you are and WHAT you want in life. By discovering who you are, and learning techniques to overcome your shortfalls and life journey programming, you will be able to have better control of your life and become the parent and leader your family deserves.

Cost $1000 now $497
for 10 hours of one-on-one life coaching
Special introductory rate is limited to first 10 clients

Description: Lay Ean news.jpgLay-Ean Eng is a Parenting Life Coach and founder of GoKids and GoParents.
Lay-Ean is the parent of two ‘young’ adult children, and she is very passionate about helping parents create connections with their children at any age. She also coaches parents to find harmony in their lives; the first is to find the clarity in themselves and the confidence to be the person and parent they set out to be.
One of Lay-Ean’s key coaching sessions is on the importance of creating the connection with your children and building a strong and harmonious relationship with them. |

Contact: Lay-Ean on

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